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    Alzheimer's damage might start off early

    The seeds of mental destruction may be sown long before Alzheimer's disease visibly mars the brain, according to two new animal studies.

    The brains of people with advanced Alzheimer's disease often shrink drastically while accumulating many deposits, or plaques, of a protein called beta-amyloid (SN: 8/5/95, p. 89). It's no surprise that the most popular theory for the origins of the...

    06/28/2001 - 10:02 Biomedicine
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    Seemingly safer steroid mimics

    Doctors rely heavily on the inflammation-reducing steroids called glucocorticoids to treat asthma and arthritis. Chronic treatment with high doses of these drugs, however, can lead to diabetes, bone loss, and growth retardation.

    So, researchers at Ligand Pharmaceuticals in San Diego and Abbot Laboratories in Abbot Park, Ill., set out to develop designer glucocorticoids that would mimic...

    06/28/2001 - 09:57 Biomedicine
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    Boning up with vitamin E

    Up to 25 million people in the United States suffer from the thin, brittle bones of osteoporosis. Women are especially vulnerable to bone loss once they hit menopause and their ovaries decrease estrogen production.

    Similarly, when researchers remove rats' ovaries, the animals quickly lose bone density unless they receive estrogen. However, when rats were given vitamin E after such...

    06/28/2001 - 09:53 Biomedicine
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    Saving fertility for cancer survivors?

    Young women with cancer often suffer premature ovarian failure and thus infertility after chemotherapy or radiation therapy. There hasn't been a way to protect women against such damage, says Fran�ois Paris of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

    However, in the October 2000 Nature Medicine, he and his colleagues showed that a compound called sphingosine-1-phosphate,...

    06/27/2001 - 15:33 Biomedicine
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    Women show the ways to maturity

    There's no single way to achieve a well-adjusted life. However, there are at least three different but equally effective paths that lead to psychological maturity, according to a 39-year study of women who were first contacted as college seniors.

    The study, in the June Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, traces psychological development in 111 graduates of a private women's...

    06/27/2001 - 15:19