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    Milk seems to guard against breast cancer

    Milk isn't just a boon to a woman's bones. A new study finds that it might also protect her breasts. Norwegian scientists have linked high milk consumption to low incidence of breast cancer.

    A decade ago, researchers launched the still ongoing Norwegian Women and Cancer (NOWAC) study. They recruited 100,000 participants, all 35 or older, from throughout the nation. Though the thrust of...

    08/29/2001 - 15:55 Nutrition
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    Quantum bell rings to electron beat

    Before the invention of the transistor, telephone switching stations clicked with the sound of small metal arms gating the flow of electricity. A new invention revives mechanical systems, but on a far smaller scale.

    German researchers have come up with a device that takes control of electricity by shuttling electrons across a gap with metronome-like regularity. The mechanism...

    08/29/2001 - 15:19 Technology
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    Crystal listens for telltale sounds of virus

    After successfully testing a device that can hear the movement of a single virus from a drop of fluid, researchers envision a handheld instrument that could detect viral illnesses such as foot-and-mouth disease and Ebola.

    The investigators suggest that their acoustic detector could be quicker and more economical than current assays used to identify viruses in blood, saliva,...

    08/29/2001 - 14:48 Technology
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    Hindering glutamate slows rat brain cancer

    Drugs that thwart the effect of a chemical secreted by certain cancerous brain cells could slow the growth of deadly brain tumors, a new study suggests.

    The chemical, an amino acid called glutamate, normally acts as a neurotransmitter that brain cells use to signal each other. To serve this purpose, glutamate must move cleanly between cells. However, excess glutamate spilled into the...

    08/29/2001 - 14:21 Biomedicine
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    It's a snake! No, a fish. An octopus?

    Whether the so-called mimic octopus could impersonate Madonna or President Bush remains unclear, but researchers say the long-armed wonder does a great sea snake and lionfish.

    The octopus, too recent a discovery to have a scientific name, prowls the silty stretches where rivers spill into the sea in Indonesia, explains Mark D. Norman of Museum Victoria in Melbourne,...

    08/29/2001 - 09:38 Animals