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    Monsoon Warning: Data hint at wet and blustery future

    Asian monsoons have been intensifying over the last 400 years, and they're slated to get worse, a team of earth scientists says. Stronger monsoon rains could cause severe flooding and erosion that would affect up to half the world's population.

    The South Asian monsoon carries much-needed rain to billions of people in India, China, Bangladesh, and other countries. The monsoon...

    07/24/2002 - 10:35 Earth
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    For Failing Hearts: Gene therapy stops decline in animals

    Tests in hamsters have raised hopes for creating a gene therapy to stop the common downward spiral of chronic heart failure.

    What distinguishes the proposed treatment is a novel version of a calcium-regulating gene plus an improved way of getting that gene into heart cells, says Kenneth Chien of the University of California, San Diego. In a laboratory breed of hamsters that commonly...

    07/24/2002 - 10:30 Biomedicine
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    Mimicking the Best of Nature's Binders: New technique produces artificial receptors

    In yet another stab at mimicking nature's chemical innovations, scientists have devised a new way to make artificial receptors that differentiate among similar molecules.

    Chemists have long admired how precisely antibodies select specific chemicals in complex biological brews. This trait has rendered antibodies useful for a broad range of laboratory experiments and medical...

    07/24/2002 - 10:16 Chemistry
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    Staying Alive with Attitude: Beliefs about aging sway seniors' survival

    Small-town America has a life-enhancing lesson for people who are at least 50 years old: Individuals, those in the heartland's middle class, anyway, who have a positive outlook about aging live around 7 years longer than those who take a dim view of their prospects as seniors.

    "People who have positive views about themselves as they age somehow cope with society's negative attitudes...

    07/24/2002 - 09:59
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    A Stinging Forecast: Model predicts chance of encountering jellyfish

    Weather forecasters usually prognosticate precipitation, pollen, and poor air quality. Soon, in some areas, they could provide beachgoers with the probability of confronting a jellyfish.

    True to its common name, the East Coast sea nettle, Chrysaora quinquecirrha, lives along the United States' eastern shore and plagues swimmers with painful welts. Although the creature's...

    07/24/2002 - 09:43 Earth