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  • Find “extinct” fish alive in South African waters

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    April 1, 1939 | Vol. 35 | No. 13

    Find “extinct” fish alive in South African waters

    Hint of a “Lost World” beneath the sea, a survivor of long-gone geologic ages, has been hauled up in a...

    12/02/2011 - 13:42
  • Letters to the Editor


    Predators inspire poetry and fear Regarding “Lopped off” (SN: 11/5/11, p. 26): One of the Tao Te Ching’s chapters (excerpt below) is very prescient on the unintended consequences of human behavior. It was written around 500 B.C., long before our innovative abilities threatened the entire planet. It is ironic that science both leads to innovations that cause the destruction, and now allows us...

    12/02/2011 - 13:27
  • SN Online

    SN Online

    EARTH Scientists get closer to knowing the exact makeup of Earth’s innards. Read “Oxygen a bit player in Earth’s outer core.”

    GENES & CELLS A sense-mixing condition in which some people see smells or taste colors may have genetic roots. See “Unraveling synesthesia.”

    BODY & BRAIN An illusion that tricks people into thinking a sore hand is healthy can reduce...

    12/02/2011 - 13:27
  • Science Future

    Science Future for December 17, 2011

    January 1 Last day of the "Science of Gingerbread" exhibit at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, Calif. See

    January 22 Last day to visit an exhibit on race at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, N.C. See

    January 31 Deadline for entries in the 2012 Neuro Film Festival to promote brain research. Go to

    12/02/2011 - 13:14
  • Science Past from the issue of December 16, 1961

    HORMONES AFFECT NERVES — Add sex hormones to all the other things that can make you feel depressed on some days and elated on others. Evidence that sex hormones can affect the body’s central nervous system in roles unrelated to sexual functions has been reported by physiologists at the University of California, Berkeley. The findings show that a potent female hormone known as estradiol has a...

    12/02/2011 - 13:13
  • Reviews & Previews

    Powering the Future: How We Will (Eventually) Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow by Robert B. Laughlin

    A Nobel laureate in physics breaks down alternatives for the world’s energy supply.

    Basic Books, 2011, 224 p., $24.99

    12/02/2011 - 13:08
  • Reviews & Previews

    How We See the Sky: A Naked-Eye Tour of Day and Night by Thomas Hockey

    Learn to see more when you look up with this naked-eye guide to the day and night skies.

    Univ. of Chicago Press, 2011, 239 p., $20

    12/02/2011 - 13:08
  • Reviews & Previews

    Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

    A psychologist argues that separate mental systems organize decision making and inspire a litany of thinking errors.

    Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011, 352 p., $27

    12/02/2011 - 13:07
  • Reviews & Previews

    What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite by David DiSalvo

    By weaving together the latest studies, a science writer examines why people’s desires often thwart their goals.

    Prometheus Books, 2011, 288 p., $19

    12/02/2011 - 13:05
  • Reviews & Previews

    Controversial Bodies: Thoughts on the Public Display of Plastinated Corpses, John D. Lantos, ed.

    A dozen authors discuss issues surrounding the display of human bodies whose flesh has been preserved by plastic.

    Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2011, 145 p., $35

    12/02/2011 - 13:04