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  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters from the August 20, 2005, issue of Science News

    Just a little gas

    "Energy on Ice" (SN: 6/25/05, p. 410) states that the gas-hydrate deposit near Prudhoe Bay "contains more than 1.2 trillion cubic meters of gas. That's twice the total amount of natural gas consumed annually in the United States. ..." Does it behoove us to invest the time and dollars it will take to tap that field for a resource that will last us only 2 years? We need to...

    08/17/2005 - 15:53 Humans & Society
  • News

    Getting the Gull: Baiting trick spreads among killer whales

    A young male orca that started regurgitating fish and then ambushing seagulls attracted by the mess seems to have set off a wave of cultural transmission in his neighborhood.

    The innovative killer whale lives in MarineLand, an attraction in Niagara Falls, Canada, and behavioral biologist Michael Noonan happened to videotape the orca's early ambushes. As Noonan kept track,...

    08/17/2005 - 13:37 Animals
  • News

    Bitty Beasts of Burden: Algae can carry cargo

    For thousands of years, people have been coaxing other creatures into doing chores. Now, a team of scientists has microsized the strategy. They've devised a way to make single-cell algae bear loads over distances of several centimeters—a tactic that the researchers say could prove useful in tiny machines.

    Algae and other single-celled organisms power their movements with...

    08/17/2005 - 13:23
  • News

    X Ray Excels: Technique brings a new image to medicine

    Imaging soft tissue in detail has required enormous particle accelerators that span several city blocks. A new method may soon bring this valuable diagnostic capability into hospital settings. There, researchers say, it will provide physicians with unprecedented power to spot tumors, clogged arteries, and other soft-tissue problems.

    Researchers have long known that phase-...

    08/17/2005 - 13:11 Biomedicine
  • News

    Comb over Chemicals: Tool may rid heads of pesticideproof lice

    When used systematically for 2 weeks, special combs may be more effective than a single, one-day application of an insecticidal shampoo at ridding a child's scalp of head lice.

    In some countries, including the United States and England, many lice have become resistant to pesticide treatments such as permethrin and malathion in lice shampoos (SN: 9/25/99, p. 207). One alternative is to...

    08/17/2005 - 12:47 Biomedicine