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  • Reviews & Previews

    Book Review: Made for Each Other: The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond by Meg Daley Olmert

    A nursing mother, a pet lover and a horse in a cavalry charge have at least one thing in common: bloodstreams full of oxytocin, Olmert contends in this fascinating book that explores the deep connection between people and animals.

    Many studies have linked oxytocin, one of several mammalian hormones produced in the hypothalamus, to maternal bonding, trust and social...

    03/27/2009 - 14:32 Science & Society
  • Reviews & Previews

    Book Review: Professor Stewart’s Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities by Ian Stewart

    What positive integer is equal to its own Scrabble score when spelled out in full? Stewart, a mathematician at the University of Warwick in England, offers this and a hodgepodge of other puzzles, paradoxes, brainteasers, tricks, facts and jokes, which he accurately calls “curiosities.” “I incline to the view that a miscellany should be miscellaneous, and this one is,” Stewart notes in his...

    03/27/2009 - 14:32
  • Reviews & Previews

    Life in Space: Astrobiology for Everyone by Lucas John Mix

    How the search for extraterrestrial life helps us understand Earth. Harvard Univ., 2009, 344 p., $29.95.

    03/27/2009 - 14:31
  • Feature

    Urban heat

    In life, as in boxing, the combined effects of a one-two punch are often more devastating than either blow alone. Imagine, then, the devastation from a triple whammy that city dwellers might suffer this century as three unfavorable trends converge to afflict an already warming world. First, there’s temperature. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Earth’s average global...

    03/27/2009 - 13:59
  • Feature

    Building Beauty

    Flowers are essentially variations on a single theme: Come hither. Instead of lipstick and lace, flowers advertise with vivid petals and ultraviolet stripes. Some plants offer a legitimate exchange of goods — visitors are rewarded with protein-rich pollen or sweet nectar. Other flowers deceive, mimicking the scent, color and feel of a rotting carcass to entice carrion flies looking for a...

    03/27/2009 - 13:58
  • Feature

    Planck by Planck

    Editor's note: This story was originally posted April 11. The mission successfully launched May 14.Pssst!  Want to see the birth of the universe?Astronomers say it’s not a scam. The launch of the European Space Agency’s Planck mission, set for May 6, will put into orbit a new tool —the microwave equivalent of polarized sunglasses — that may offer a view of the dawn of time.Before the first...
    03/27/2009 - 13:56 Astronomy, Atom & Cosmos, Physics
  • News

    Dissing a loaded label for some unicellular life

    Norman Pace has a problem with prokaryotes. It’s not that Pace has anything against the organisms themselves. The microbiologist and RNA scientist from the University of Colorado at Boulder has made a career of studying microorganisms. It’s the term prokaryote that he doesn’t like. At the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in February, he said he wants to see the word...

    03/27/2009 - 13:53 Life & Evolution
  • Reviews & Previews

    Global Health Narratives: A Reader for Youth by Emily Mendenhall, ed.

    Short stories for youngsters reveal  worldwide public health problems.Univ. of New Mexico, 2009, 238 p., $21.95.

    03/27/2009 - 13:46
  • Reviews & Previews

    Standards and Their Stories: How Quantifying, Classifying, and Formalizing Practices Shape Everyday Life by Martha Lampland and Susan Leigh Star, eds.

    Standards are a fact of life, from cradle to coffin size.Cornell Univ., 2009, 244 p., $22.95.

    03/27/2009 - 13:45
  • Reviews & Previews

    The Empathy Gap: Building Bridges to the Good Life and the Good Society by J.D. Trout

    This book argues that empathy and rationality are key to good personal and political decisions.Viking, 2009, 320 p., $25.95.

    03/27/2009 - 13:45