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E.g., 03/19/2019
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  • Recolorization of van Gogh's 'The Bedroom'
  • thin ice in Arctic Sea
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  • Science Visualized

    Science gives clues to 'The Bedroom' as van Gogh painted it

    Compare the original and recolorized paintings

    Though science and art are vastly different disciplines, one can shed light on the other. That connection is on display in a recolorized version (above) of Vincent van Gogh’s The Bedroom.

    The colors in the original work, a version painted in 1889, have faded over time. For an exhibit on display through May 10 at the Art Institute of...

    03/23/2016 - 07:00 Science & Society, Chemistry
  • News

    Thinning ice leads to winter warming in the Arctic

    Even when the Arctic goes dark and cold, thinning ice could keep the North Pole from cooling off.

    The loss of insulating ice between the ocean and atmosphere increases the amount of heat-trapping water vapor and clouds in the Arctic air. That extra moisture keeps air temperatures relatively warm during fall and winter and melts even more ice, new climate simulations suggest. This self-...

    11/23/2015 - 08:23 Climate, Oceans
  • News

    Whipping fluids along in microlabs

    Taking a cue from nature, scientists have shown one way that microscopic, hairlike structures could move liquid through tiny channels in a “lab on a chip” — essentially a miniaturized biology lab etched into a device roughly the size of a computer chip.

    Developing microlabs is a burgeoning area of research, and one of the principle challenges is controlling the flow of...

    01/30/2009 - 12:20 Life & Evolution, Chemistry, Technology
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    Diagnosis by Satellite: Doctors Hail Alaska Test

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