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E.g., 03/20/2018
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  • sidewinder rattlesnake
  • three-robot hybrid
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    Rattlesnakes tutor robot on dune climbing

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    Sidewinder rattlesnakes wriggling up sand dunes turn out to have a trick of adjusting their curvy moves that’s improving robot design and the understanding of legless motion on sand.

    In lab tests on sandy inclines, Crotalus cerastes snakes easily outslithered 13 other kinds of pit vipers and a robotic snake, says physicist Daniel Goldman of the Georgia Institute of...

    10/09/2014 - 14:53 Animals, Biophysics, Technology
  • News in Brief

    Hybrid robot merges flier with two snakelike machines

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    CHICAGO­ —“Snakes on a plane” might be a good strategy for building rescue robots.

    Pairing two snakelike robots with a flying one has let researchers combine the exploring skills of small, ground-based bots with the swift moves of an aerial machine.

    Engineers have created search-and-rescue robots before — tanklike machines with heavy-duty treads — but most of...

    09/23/2014 - 14:34 Robotics, Technology