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E.g., 02/20/2019
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  • 3-D printed bone scaffolds
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  • Say What?

    Superflexible, 3-D printed “bones” trigger new growth

    Hyperelastic bone\ˈhī-per ə̇ˈlastik bōn\ n.

    A highly flexible 3-D printed scaffold used to repair broken or damaged bones.

    “Hyperelastic bones” don’t impart Stretch Armstrong abilities, but they could give surgeons a quick, inexpensive way to repair bone breaks. Created by Ramille Shah, a materials science engineer at Northwestern University in Chicago, and colleagues, the new...

    10/11/2016 - 07:00 Materials, Health, Biomedicine
  • Feature

    The Moon: Still a Puzzle

    11/19/1966 - 00:00