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  • Food for Thought

    Wind Makes Food Retailers Greener

    In centuries past throughout the world, windmills dotted bucolic landscapes, where millers ground cereal grains into flour. Later, farms and ranches harnessed the power of the wind to pump water. Although most farms and mills now run on electricity, wind power's appeal is reemerging. Several major food companies are investing in wind farms to cover all or part of their substantial electricity...

    02/08/2006 - 16:29 Earth & Environment
  • Feature

    Science News of the Year 2001

    The year 2001 will be remembered sadly for a single date: Sept. 11. The horrific loss of lives to terrorism on that day overshadows all earlier events of the year. The fear instilled on Sept. 11 was soon exacerbated by bioterrorism, as anthrax spores sent through the mail caused additional deaths and provided a threat that seemed it might reach into any home or workplace. People immediately...

    12/19/2001 - 11:55
  • News

    Neandertals, humans may have grown apart

    A fierce debate revolves around whether Neandertals, who lived in Europe and the Middle East from around 130,000 to 28,000 years ago, belonged to the human species or a separate one.

    A new technique for probing fossil anatomy has generated support for the designation of Neandertals as a separate species, according to a report in the Aug. 2 Nature. Fossil analyses indicate that from...

    08/01/2001 - 11:25 Paleontology