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    Physical Sciences Notes

    01/13/1968 - 00:00
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    Technology Notes

    04/13/1968 - 00:00
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    Medical Sciences Notes

    02/11/1967 - 00:00
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    Earth and Environment Notes

    04/29/1967 - 00:00
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    Life Sciences Notes

    06/01/1968 - 00:00
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    Nature Note

    05/06/1967 - 00:00
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    15 = 3 × 5: Photons do their first quantum math

    Two teams of physicists have independently confirmed that 15 equals 3 times 5—an arduous task considering that they've done it by manipulating the quantum states of photons. The results are a step toward optical quantum computers, which could do some calculations exponentially faster than ordinary computers can and crack the encryption codes that protect data traveling over the Internet....
    12/05/2007 - 13:10 Physics
  • Food for Thought

    Salmon Safety

    Two recent reports urge more fish consumption, including farmed salmon. But previous studies had warned against farmed salmon because of high levels of organic pollutants. So, do we eat it or don't we?A report published in Science 3 years ago warned that some kinds of salmon should be eaten at most once every 5 months. But in October 2006, an article in the Journal of the American...
    01/15/2007 - 23:14 Nutrition
  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters from the April 22, 2006, issue of Science News

    Second cousinsWith reference to "Chimps creep closer yet" (SN: 2/11/06, p. 94), some scientists say that bonobos are genetically closer to humans than to chimps. How did they compare in the referenced study?Dick MedvickCleveland Heights, OhioBonobos are indeed as genetically close to humans as are chimps, but there wasn't enough genomic...
    04/17/2006 - 19:10 Humans & Society
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    Science News of the Year 2003

    Fighting off the virusesA couple of decades ago, if someone had asked whether you'd heard about "that new virus," you'd have know that they were concerned about a health threat. This year, you'd have needed to ask, "Medical or computer?" On both viral fronts, 2003 was eventful. A new viral disease emerged in China, and travelers spread it around the globe. A series of novel viruses and other...
    12/16/2003 - 12:27 Humans & Society