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    Probe bares heart of X-ray inferno

    Despite torrents of high-energy radiation, physicists have captured images of explosions that lead to some of the world's most powerful bursts of X rays. The snapshots reveal previously unseen details of fiery disintegrations at the core of a giant, energy-focusing machine called Z. Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., use the device to simulate nuclear-weapons...

    01/04/2005 - 14:12 Physics
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    Two New Elements Made: Atom smashups yield 113 and 115

    Last summer, when more than 8 million trillion calcium ions blasted a thin film of americium atoms nonstop for more than a month, the collisions generated four atoms of never-before-seen element 115, a Russian-U.S. team now reports.

    Each of those putative atoms of element 115 disintegrated within fractions of a second by spontaneously ejecting an alpha particle,...

    02/04/2004 - 11:32 Physics
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    Fusion Boost: Promising path to heavy nuclei

    Making heavy, artificial atomic nuclei has long been part of the program for answering fundamental questions about matter and the universe, but it hasn't been easy. Physicists are looking toward techniques that forge hefty nuclei by fusing lighter, radioactive ones. Now, results of an accelerator experiment at Oak Ridge (Tenn.) National Laboratory suggest that the approach may prove even more...

    09/10/2003 - 10:36 Physics
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    Fusion device crosses threshold

    By sparking thermonuclear reactions, a machine simply called Z has joined the big leagues among potential technologies for producing power from controlled nuclear fusion.

    Thermonuclear fusion takes place when matter becomes so hot that violent collisions force atomic nuclei to fuse together. Those reactions unleash a flood of energetic neutrons.

    Until now, the only other fusion-...

    04/15/2003 - 12:02 Physics