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  • Math Trek

    Möbius and his Band

    A Möbius band (or strip) is an intriguing surface with only one side and one edge. You can make one by joining the two ends of a long strip of paper after giving one end a 180-degree twist.

    An ant can crawl from any point on such a surface to any other point without ever crossing an edge.

    This curious object is named for the astronomer and...

    01/28/2003 - 11:04 Numbers
  • Math Trek

    Math Trails in Ottawa

    Housed in a spectacular building redolent of crystals and light, the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa was recently the setting for a highly unusual school event–a mathematics field trip!

    For several years, math teacher Ron Lancaster of Hamilton, Ontario, has been creating "math trails" for both students and teachers as a...

    11/06/2002 - 09:23 Numbers
  • News

    She-male garter snakes: Some like it hot

    Male garter snakes limping out of hibernation in northern Manitoba can mimic females and drive dozens of other guys to wriggle over them. The force behind this deluded orgy may not be sex, though.

    Until now, scientists presumed that female mimicry gives its perpetrators an edge in mating, explains Rick Shine of the University of Sydney in Australia. But there's no evidence...

    11/14/2001 - 15:08 Animals
  • Feature

    Close Calls

    10/17/1998 - 00:00