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    Debates over definition of planet continue and inspire

    Planetary science is in the midst of a revolution. As recently as the early 1990s, “the planets” consisted of just nine famous objects in our solar system that every school kid learned to recognize by name and appearance. But then, advances in astronomical technology unleashed an explosion of new planetary discoveries on two fronts.

    One of these fronts involved a bewildering variety of...

    11/21/2008 - 13:04 Atom & Cosmos
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    Making an impression

    The Mars Phoenix Lander has made contact. Scientists reported Monday that they had successfully manipulated the Lander’s robotic arm to dig a test trench.

    Earlier, the scoop on the arm made its first interaction with the Martian surface. “Over the weekend, we had the robotic arm touch the surface and make a dent. That area was called Yeti because...

    06/02/2008 - 18:13 Atom & Cosmos, Planetary Science
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    Gadgets from the Quantum Spookhouse

    Computers exploiting the oddities of quantum mechanics may eventually put conventional computers to shame. Theoretically, full-fledged versions of those quantum machines will someday master in an eye blink mathematical puzzles and secret codes that current supercomputers wouldn't crack with a billion years of number crunching.

    The exotic innards of such quantum...

    12/04/2001 - 13:41 Technology
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    The Fall of the Forest

    07/21/1990 - 00:00
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    "Men in White" Are Now Serving the Men with Wings

    01/27/1940 - 00:00
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    In Science Fields

    03/10/1934 - 00:00
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    New Attacks on the Last Continent

    09/16/1933 - 00:00
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    Scientific Achievements of 1930 Pass in Review

    12/27/1930 - 00:00