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  • Feature

    Mother lode

    A bonanza of potent disease-fighting compounds has been discovered in a surprisingly common source — the breasts of every nursing mother on the planet. Human milk, the only substance that evolved to feed and protect us, seems to contain a trove of medicines just now being unlocked by scientists.

    “We go down to the bottom of the ocean to find new compounds and test them out against...

    12/27/2013 - 14:05 Human Development, Microbes, Health
  • Feature

    Darwin's Evolution

    Charles Darwin was born into a world that today’s scientists wouldn’t recognize.

    When baby Darwin arrived on February 12, 1809, modern science was also in its infancy. Dalton had just recently articulated the modern theory of the chemical atom, but nobody had any idea what atoms were really like. Physicists had not yet heard of the conservation of energy or any other...

    01/16/2009 - 21:20 Evolution, Animals
  • Feature

    Nurturing Our Microbes

    Each of us is a metropolis. Bustling about in everyone's body are tens of trillions of microbes. Some are descended from starter populations provided by mom during birth. Additional bacteria, yeasts, and other life forms hitchhike in with foods. By age 3, everyone's gut hosts a fairly stable, yet diverse, ecosystem.

    Most of the tiny stowaways hide out in the...

    02/26/2008 - 12:45 Biomedicine
  • Feature

    Science & Society

    07/12/1997 - 00:00
  • Feature

    The Fall of the Forest

    07/21/1990 - 00:00
  • Feature

    Science at Hydro-Lab

    05/10/1975 - 00:00
  • Feature

    Dance versus Smell

    04/19/1969 - 00:00
  • Feature

    Adventures of a 4c Stamp

    03/21/1959 - 00:00
  • Feature

    In Science Fields

    03/10/1934 - 00:00