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    Darwin's Evolution

    Charles Darwin was born into a world that today’s scientists wouldn’t recognize.

    When baby Darwin arrived on February 12, 1809, modern science was also in its infancy. Dalton had just recently articulated the modern theory of the chemical atom, but nobody had any idea what atoms were really like. Physicists had not yet heard of the conservation of energy or any other laws of...

    01/16/2009 - 21:20 Evolution, Animals
  • Comment

    Debates over definition of planet continue and inspire

    Planetary science is in the midst of a revolution. As recently as the early 1990s, “the planets” consisted of just nine famous objects in our solar system that every school kid learned to recognize by name and appearance. But then, advances in astronomical technology unleashed an explosion of new planetary discoveries on two fronts.

    One of these fronts involved a bewildering variety of...

    11/21/2008 - 13:04 Atom & Cosmos
  • Feature

    Udder Beauty

    The scourge of udder tampering has not escaped the attention of humorist Dave Barry. In one of his columns, he laments unscrupulous dairy farmers who inject foreign udder-enhancing substances into their animals' mammary glands in a desperate bid for a competitive edge at livestock shows. Barry likens these competitions to human beauty pageants, except that the cows get no credit at all for...

    07/07/2003 - 10:06 Humans & Society
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    Morale-Building Should Be Eliminated for Morale

    06/27/1942 - 00:00
  • Feature

    Philharmonic Orchestra Joins Factory in Symphony

    11/21/1936 - 00:00
  • Feature

    First Glances at New Books

    02/01/1930 - 00:00
  • Feature

    Front Matter

    01/01/1927 - 00:00