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    The Science of Slumber

    Read features from the special edition Reports on the science of sleep. | GoDownload a PDF of the special edition Exclusive for Science News subscribers.Download | Subscribe

    Despite its utter mundanity, sleep resists simple scientific explanation. It appears to recuperate the body and refresh the mind, but exactly how isn’t at all clear. The brain appears to be as active in some of the...

    10/09/2010 - 15:15
  • Feature

    Special Sleep Issue : PDF Download page

    All files are saved as PDFs.  Please download Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view these files.Sleep Special : Complete PackageHigh Quality (17MB) | Low Quality (2MB) The Why of sleep (Tina Hesman Saey) / All Kinds of Tired (Susan Milius)High Quality (6.7MB) | Low Quality (1.1MB)Sleep gone awry (Laura Sanders)High Quality (2.5MB) | Low Quality (268KB)Dying to sleep (Tina Hesman Saey)High Quality (7...

    10/09/2001 - 14:52