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    Ancient fish with killer bite

    An ancient, 1-metric-ton fish nearly as long as a school bus had a bite more powerful than nearly everything alive today, a new study reveals.

    The 10-meter-long Dunkleosteus terrelli cruised Devonian seas about 360 million years ago, says Philip Anderson, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Bristol in England. Dunkleosteus sported bony armor on its head and the...

    05/19/2009 - 18:25 Paleontology, Life & Evolution
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    Science News of the Year 2007

    Tuning In to Science

    In its own way, science is a lot like '60s rock 'n' roll on AM radio. If you're old enough, you remember the slogan: "And the hits just keep on comin'."

    With science, the news just keeps on comin'. Somehow, year after year, science never runs out of hit discoveries. From land-based laboratories to the depths of the oceans to remote realms of the cosmos, intrepid...

    12/18/2007 - 21:49 Humans & Society
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    Science News of the Year 2005

    Science News of Yesteryear

    Anthropology & Archaeology




    Botany & Zoology

    Cell & Molecular Biology


    12/20/2005 - 03:53 Humans & Society
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    Science News of the Year 2004

    A Spectrum of Choices

    In the Web page below, the writers of Science News have selected what they consider the most compelling stories of 2004. However, visitors to our Web pages at Science News Online have their own favorites. As we track the number of visitors to each Web page, we learn which articles attract the most...

    12/15/2004 - 16:09 Humans & Society
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    Science News of the Year 2000

    Years ago, fresh out of a statistics course, I made some friends laugh by insisting that an election shouldn't be considered valid unless the difference between the vote counts is statistically significant. I was viewing an election as an experiment with the hypothesis that more of the voters wanted candidate A than candidate B. I didn't pursue the idea because a vote count seemed to me to be...

    11/29/2004 - 16:32 Humans & Society
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    L.A.'s Oldest Tourist Trap

    Cruise Los Angeles' Wilshire Boulevard and, when you reach the 5800 block, you'll often catch a whiff of fresh tar. Most likely, it won't be coming from a road or roofing crew, but you'll have a big clue to its source. On the north side of the boulevard, there's a life-size fiberglass model of a terrified mammoth stuck hip-deep in goo. The figure marks one of the world's most well-known...

    01/19/2004 - 17:29 Paleontology
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    Learning from the Present

    Several meters away, through the wavering heat of a desert afternoon, a paleontologist spies what looks like a thumb-size chip of bone. As he approaches the relic, he wonders what it will be: A piece of leg bone? A fragment of skull? A chunk of a vertebra? What sort of creature does this remnant represent? The paleontologist reaches the find, kneels, and whips out a whisk broom. Delicately,...

    07/15/2003 - 11:07 Paleontology
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    Fossil gets a leg up on snake family tree

    A newly described fossil snake with legs may have climbed higher into the snake family tree than previously thought.

    The 95-million-year-old fossil snake, dubbed Haasiophis terrasanctus, is a relative of another legged fossil snake—Pachyrhachis problematicus—that some scientists think may be the earliest link between snakes and extinct marine lizards, like mosasaurs (SN: 4/19/97...

    09/27/2002 - 16:01 Paleontology
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    Sea Dragons

    About 250 million years ago, reptiles stepped up to fill ecological niches left vacant in the wake of one of Earth's biggest mass extinctions. Just a few million years later, as the earliest dinosaurs stomped about on land, some of their reptilian relatives slipped into the surf and began to exploit the rich ocean ecosystems. Before long, these ichthyosaurs—Greek for fish lizards—became major...

    08/19/2002 - 14:25 Paleontology
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    Science News of the Year 2001

    The year 2001 will be remembered sadly for a single date: Sept. 11. The horrific loss of lives to terrorism on that day overshadows all earlier events of the year. The fear instilled on Sept. 11 was soon exacerbated by bioterrorism, as anthrax spores sent through the mail caused additional deaths and provided a threat that seemed it might reach into any home or workplace. People immediately...

    12/19/2001 - 11:55