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    Swine flu genetics suggest a vaccine is possible

    Genetic sequences of the swine flu virus sickening people worldwide show remarkable similarities from country to country, suggesting that all the infections are from the same strain. The finding is a dose of good news for those seeking to make a vaccine against this novel strain of influenza, U.S. health officials reported May 1 during a press teleconference.

    “All of the genes of all...

    05/01/2009 - 16:57 Biomedicine
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    Blunt Answer: Cracking the puzzle of elastic solids' toughness

    Soft, springy materials like rubber and skin don't tear easily because they stretch before breaking apart. For decades, however, detailed understanding of how that stretchiness toughens these materials has eluded researchers.

    Now, researchers from the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Del., and Cornell University have come up with a comprehensive explanation–based on both...

    04/23/2003 - 11:48 Materials
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    11/20/1999 - 00:00
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    Yet Another Moon for Jupiter

    10/11/1975 - 00:00
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    Volume Information

    06/28/1969 - 00:00
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    Front Matter

    04/16/1960 - 00:00
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    1958 Science Review

    12/20/1958 - 00:00