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    Infants, whether mice or human, love to be carried

    View the videoParents trying to soothe a fussy infant might want to invest in a sling to carry their kid.

    In human infants and mouse pups, bumping along in their mothers’ arms (or mouths) acts as the ultimate pacifier: crying stops, fidgety bodies go still and racing hearts thump more slowly, researchers report April 18 in Current Biology.

    The calm may do more than save parents...

    04/18/2013 - 10:29 Life & Evolution, Humans & Society
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    Will groom for snuggles

    “Do my hair before you touch my baby” is the rule among mother vervet monkeys and sooty mangabeys when it comes to sharing their infants with their neighbors.

    Like some other primate infants, monkey babies attract crowds of females eager to touch, hold and make silly lip-smacking noises at the little ones, says primatologist Cécile Fruteau of Tilburg University in the...

    11/05/2010 - 15:34 Life & Evolution
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    Public tantrums defeat monkey moms too

    Baby screams. Onlookers glower. Mom gives in — even when she’s a monkey.

    Rhesus macaque mothers are about twice as likely to let a howling infant have its way during very public tantrums than during more private moments, says Stuart Semple of Roehampton University in London.

    Not a bad decision on mom’s part. A baby rhesus monkey makes a high-pitched, grating...

    03/10/2009 - 20:27 Animals, Life & Evolution