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  • The End carved in sand on the beach
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  • Scicurious

    This blog is dead. Long live the blog.

    To blog, or not to blog?

    Young scientists and aspiring writers and communicators ask me this question frequently. If they want to try their hand at science writing, science communication and science journalism, shouldn’t they start a blog? Shouldn’t they start producing content immediately? After all, the best way to learn to write is to write.

    I understand why they think starting...

    12/20/2018 - 13:00
  • Math Trek

    Math Factor Radio

    The Poincaré conjecture has been in the news lately. Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman submitted a proof 3 years ago claiming that he had proved the famous conjecture. In August, he won a prestigious Fields medal for his achievement.

    But what is the Poincaré conjecture? Here's how geometer Jeff Weeks describes it: "Basically, it's a conjecture about what the simplest...

    09/29/2006 - 14:06 Numbers