August 10, 2013 | Science News



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    The Sports Gene

    Sprinter Usain Bolt’s website proclaims him “arguably the most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen.” But is the speed that propelled Bolt to Olympic gold really a product of his genes, or do the secrets of his success lie in rigorous training and support from Jamaica’s rich sprinting tradition? Epstein, a sports writer, former scientist and competitive runner, explores the variables for building the perfect athlete in his new book.

    One popular theory holds that 10,000 hours of practice can make

  • Reviews & Previews


    By reducing human thought and behavior to colorful images of excited neurons, neuroscientists have turned brain scans into brain scams, write psychiatrist Satel and psychologist Lilienfeld. The argument that thinking involves more than brain activity is not new, but the authors give it an up-to-date, provocative treatment.

    Satel and Lilienfeld take aim at functional MRI scans that have been used by researchers and media to claim that specific brain areas represent the seats of love, hate and other human experiences. At best,