May 14, 2005 | Science News

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    Test puts pedal to heavy metal

    Stellar explosions forge heavy elements such as gold more quickly than scientists had predicted, as indicated by the first measurement of the half-life of a rare form of nickel that's a key link in the chain of element formation.
  • News

    Crystal clear

    Growing drug crystals on different polymer surfaces could improve a critical step in the development of pharmaceuticals.
  • Feature

    Learning to Listen

    Disparate groups of creatures, including bats, toothed whales, and birds, have evolved biological sonar that they use to track prey, but other creatures have evolved ways to detect this sonar and thereby increase their odds of survival.
  • Feature

    Something to Chew On

    Researchers are closer than ever to making synthetic enamel to improve dental implants and perhaps to grow a whole tooth from scratch.