October 16, 2004 | Science News

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  • News

    Martian water everywhere

    Combining data taken from two craft orbiting Mars with images and spectra collected by one of the Mars rovers, a scientist has found evidence that a body of water greater in area than all the Great Lakes combined once covered the Red Planet.
  • News

    Kids' vaccine guards adults too, for now

    Serious infections caused by pneumococcus have decreased in both children and adults since the introduction of a childhood vaccine against seven strains of the bacterium, but other pneumococcus strains are now becoming more prevalent among adults with HIV.
  • Feature

    What's Wrong with This Picture?

    Scientists and educators increasingly are using analyses of bad science in movies, as well as the good, to inform the public about scientific facts and principles.
  • Feature

    Vitamin D: What's Enough?

    Most researchers studying vitamin D agree that many people would benefit from more of the vitamin, but they haven't yet decided just how much.