1. Agriculture

    Bees increase coffee profits

    Scientists studying a Costa Rican coffee farm have estimated the monetary value of conserving nearby wooded habitat for the bees that pollinate coffee plants.

  2. Agriculture

    Plastic vs. Plants: Mulch method changes tomato’s gene activity

    A suite of at least 10 genes in a tomato plant behaves differently depending on the farmer's mulch-and-fertilizer routine.

  3. Agriculture

    A Maize-ing Travels

    Corn, an American native, has taken root the world over and is becoming increasingly important to agriculture in nations beyond the West.

  4. Agriculture

    Coming Soon—Spud Lite

    A new variety of baking potato has about 25 percent fewer calories and 30 percent fewer carbohydrates per unit weight than the typical brown-skinned Idaho potato.

  5. Agriculture

    Rethinking Refuges? Drifting pollen may bring earlier pest resistance to bioengineered crops

    Pollen wafting from bioengineered corn to traditional varieties may be undermining the fight to keep pests from evolving resistance to pesticides.

  6. Agriculture

    Fishy Alpha Males

    As a way to protect wild fish stocks, raising genetically engineered fish may be futile should some of these modified fish escape into the environment.

  7. Agriculture

    Calling All Cows

  8. Agriculture

    Spying Genetically Engineered Crops

  9. Agriculture

    Fluid Security—Overcoming Water Shortfalls in the 21st Century

  10. Agriculture

    Local Foods Could Make for Greener Grocers

  11. Agriculture

    Mad Cow Future: Tests explore next generation of defenses

    As Canadian health officials investigate mad cow disease within the country's borders, researchers are already working on the next generation of defenses.

  12. Agriculture

    Global Food Trends