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ancient wild cow stone engraving

CULTURED COW  A 38,000-year-old engraved stone (left), depicting an aurochs, or wild cow, covered with dots, was unearthed at a French rock-shelter. Symbolic elements of Europe’s earliest human culture appear in the engraving, its discoverers say. Drawings of the find (center) and of the aurochs separated from the dots show the scene more clearly.

Iron Age gold spheres

GOLDEN FINDS  Five gold spheres and a gold pinhead (far right), each shown from two angles, were found on the skeleton of a woman buried near an early Iron Age hill fort in Germany. These and other items in the grave show connections to Mediterranean societies, probably via trade.

Honduran valley

LEGENDARY CITY  As described in a new book, researchers working in this valley in eastern Honduras discovered the ruins of a culture that may have inspired the “White City” myth.

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