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Enterprise nebulae

FIELD OF GREENS  Visualizations of images from the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope could look akin to these from the Spitzer Space Telescope. Both telescopes are designed to see in the infrared. In this Spitzer image of the Enterprise nebulae, 3.5 micrometer light is in blue, 8 micrometer light is green and 24 micrometer light is red.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

FALCON IN FLIGHT  The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launched on its maiden voyage from Cape Canaveral February 6.

illustration of two inner TRAPPIST-1 planets

PEERING THROUGH THE MIST  Starlight filtering through the atmospheres of the planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1 (shown here in an artist’s illustration of the two innermost worlds) can give scientists a clue to the planets’ habitability. Scientists have now probed the atmospheres of the four middle planets, which could be well-suited for life.

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