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illustration of orbit of asteroid 2016 HO3

THAT’S NO MOON The orbit of asteroid 2016 HO3 (yellow), discovered April 27, keeps it close to Earth; from our vantage point, it appears as though 2016 HO3 orbits Earth when it actually orbits the sun.

ATLAS experiment at LHC

RUMOR HAS IT  Scientists are anxious to learn whether the Large Hadron Collider experiments, ATLAS (shown) and CMS, have detected a new particle. Online rumors suggest hints of the particle are evaporating, but researchers say it’s too soon to tell.

chondrules in a meteorite

ORIGINS UNKOWN  Tiny granules trapped inside meteorites (pictured in polarized light) are among the oldest solid objects in the solar system; researchers still debate how these chondrules formed.

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