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galaxy cluster Abell 2744

SCAVENGER HUNT  The massive galaxy cluster Abell 2744, seen in this Hubble Space Telescope image, sits at the nexus of three galactic filaments that might house some of the universe's missing matter. 


CRATER CROWD A map of Ceres based on images taken by the Dawn spacecraft shows the dwarf planet’s uneven distribution of craters. The terrain has about a 15-kilometer change in elevation (blue is low, red is high) and includes craters, such as Kerwan, that span nearly 300 kilometers.


TAKE TWO   Philae’s intended landing spot (left, imaged from 40 meters above the comet’s surface) was soft and sandy. A two-hour-long bounce dropped it in a craggy pit (right, with lander leg at bottom) where the ground is as hard as pumice.

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