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triboelectric nanogenerator w/voltage graph

POWER SQUEEZE  With a squeeze, swing or jiggle, body motion can flex a triboelectric nanogenerator (left) to create voltage (right), which can charge implantable and wearable medical devices. Textured surfaces within the generator can boost the power output.


It’s so hard to turn down just one more muffin, or cupcake, or cookie. Rodent studies reveal why: The mechanisms that control the hunger for and the pleasure from food are inextricably intertwined. 


CHANGING FACE  An immunodeficient man has been excreting live poliovirus for 28 years. His viral strains differ from the one he received in a vaccine. A simulated virus particle shows some of these changes, in surface regions (red) that interact with human immune proteins and elsewhere (blue).   

Body & Brain

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