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SEEING DOUBLE  Scientists now doubt their own earlier claims about an easy method to make stem cells. Among the errors identified in their papers were two pictures of a single embryo created from STAP cells (green) that had been represented as depictions of two different embryos (large image with placenta, inset without placenta). 

HIDEOUT  HIV (yellow) infects immune cells called T cells (blue), as seen in this scanning electron micrograph. The discovery that HIV inserts itself in a host’s genes related to cell growth may help explain how the virus persists in the body for so long.

FULL OF HOLES  Basement membranes help maintain tissues (fruit fly gut, left) in animals. Fruit flies raised without bromine (middle) develop holes (red arrows) in the basement membrane that can be repaired by adding bromine to the diet (right). Scale bar represents 20 micrometers.

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