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four cups of coffee

CUPSA JOE Studies have shown that people who drink four cups of coffee a day have a lower risk of dying of a heart attack. A new study in mice may show one reason for that; caffeine in coffee gives cells energy to fight off damage.

mouse embryonic stem cells

MARKING THE SPOTS In this super-resolution microscope image of mouse embryonic stem cells, molecules of the enzyme that copies DNA instructions into RNA messages cluster in multiple spots within the nucleus. White spots have more of the enzyme, RNA polymerase II, concentrated in them than in the cooler blue spots.

at home tests for telomere length

JUST A NUMBER  Several companies offer at-home test kits for telomere length. Send in a blood sample and, these companies claim, they’ll tell you if you are older or younger than you think. Test kits also come with advice for maintaining the ends of your chromosomes.

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