1. Cosmology

    Galaxy’s gamma-ray glow may expose dark matter

    An excess of gamma rays at the center of the Milky Way could be a signature of dark matter.

  2. Astronomy

    Neutrinos from space rain down from all directions

    Using Earth as a filter, scientists detect thousands of neutrinos from beyond the solar system.

  3. Cosmology

    Speed of early universe’s expansion determined

    The rate known as the Hubble constant is measured with great precision for the universe of 11 billion years ago.

  4. playing cards

    Maybe time’s arrow needs ergodicity as well as entropy

    Explaining the arrow of time might require an equilibrium universe with hidden ergodic dynamics.

  5. Astronomy

    This winter warrior made the gravitational waves discovery possible

    Engineer Steffen Richter played an important role in the recent gravitational waves discovery, wintering at the Amundsen-Scott research station at the South Pole and making daily treks to keep the BICEP2 telescope running.

  6. Cosmology

    Cosmic question mark

    Two ways of measuring the universe’s expansion rate disagree by about 10 percent. One of the methods may be flawed. Or it could be that a hitherto unobserved phenomenon is at work.

  7. quasar 3C 273

    Top 10 cosmological discoveries

    The cosmic microwave background radiation has played a part in many of cosmology’s greatest discoveries.

  8. Cosmology

    Gravitational waves unmask universe just after Big Bang

    For the first time, researchers have seen traces of superfast cosmic expansion and gravity waves.

  9. Cosmology

    Inflation rides gravity waves into cosmological history

    The discovery of gravity waves in the cosmic microwave radiation signals the success of inflationary cosmology.

  10. Cosmology

    First images of gravity waves, evidence of cosmic inflation reported

    The first images of gravitational waves and the first direct evidence for cosmic inflation were announced March 17.

  11. Cosmology

    Gravitational wave detection a big day for the Big Bang

    On a snowy St. Patrick’s Day, our offices officially shut down by a late-winter storm, the Science News staff was abuzz over the biggest thing since the Higgs boson. On March 17, scientists announced the first direct evidence of the theory of cosmic inflation: primordial gravitational waves.

  12. Quantum Physics

    Einstein was wrong about spooky quantum entanglement

    Einstein’s biggest blunder wasn’t about vacuum energy in space, but in confusing people about quantum entanglement.