1. Cosmology

    Gravitational wave detection a big day for the Big Bang

    On a snowy St. Patrick’s Day, our offices officially shut down by a late-winter storm, the Science News staff was abuzz over the biggest thing since the Higgs boson. On March 17, scientists announced the first direct evidence of the theory of cosmic inflation: primordial gravitational waves.

  2. Quantum Physics

    Einstein was wrong about spooky quantum entanglement

    Einstein’s biggest blunder wasn’t about vacuum energy in space, but in confusing people about quantum entanglement.

  3. Astronomy

    Oldest star provides hints about first supernovas

    The chemical composition of star SMSS J031300.362670839.3 and four others suggests that the explosions of the early universe weren't big enough to seed galaxies with iron.

  4. Cosmology

    Slow, cold start to universe suggested

    By allowing particle masses to change, a new theory suggests how the universe could have arisen without a Big Bang.

  5. Cosmology

    New supernova spotted in nearby galaxy

    The galaxy M82 has given off a brilliant flash, which astronomers have confirmed as a type 1a supernova.

  6. Cosmology

    Filament of cosmic web set aglow

    Astronomers say they have glimpsed a brightly lit strand of the cosmic web, the universe’s underlying structure

  7. Cosmology

    From Dust to Life

    In about 300 pages, this book sums up the history of all that matters — or at least everything made of matter — from the Big Bang to life on Earth.

  8. Astronomy

    Enormous cosmic lens magnifies supernova

    Galaxy warps light of distant exploding star, greatly increasing its brightness.

  9. Astronomy

    Relic of early universe found nearby

    A galaxy little changed since the dawn of the universe shows up in our celestial neighborhood.

  10. Cosmology

    Best maps of the universe, bugs and all

    Maps from the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite reveal the cosmos in a range of microwave and infrared frequencies.

  11. Cosmology

    Year in Review: Dark energy gets more confusing

    New data raise the prospect of a ‘Big Rip’ destroying the cosmos.

  12. Cosmology

    Year in Review: Planck refines cosmic history

    The satellite data hint at a slower expansion rate for universe.