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new volcanic islands

NEWFOUND LAND  Two new volcanic islands cropped up in the Red Sea (Jadid Island formed during the eruption seen in this satellite image). The isles, roughly the size of a few dozen football fields, will help scientists better understand how islands get shaped.

trail of covert forms of neurotoxin

TOXIC TRAIL  Researchers have discovered a trail of covert forms of tutin, a potent neurotoxin, that goes from tutu shrubs (far left) to passionvine hoppers (center left) to European honeybees (center right) to honey (far right). 

Mammoth calf mummy

LIFE FROM DEATH  Even well-preserved mammoth remains, such as this calf mummy found in 2007, won’t yield enough DNA to make a clone. But there are other ways to bring mammoths back, according to evolutionary biologist Beth Shapiro.

Earth & Environment

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