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green blooded lizard

BLEEDS GREEN The few lizards with green blood, such as this green skink from Papua New Guinea, may have acquired the coloring via a spotty pattern of evolutionary history. Their muscles, bones, tongues and gums also look greenish.

 Ichthyornis dispar skull and illustration

BIRD BEAK  Using fossils of an ancient toothed bird (illustrated at right), scientists made a 3-D reconstruction of the bird’s skull (left), revealing the animal had a small, pincerlike beak at the tip of its snout.

two species of clearwing moths

FAKERS These two species of clearwing moths may discourage predators via airborne trickery, flying much the way that some of their feistier Southeast Asian bee neighbors do (Heterosphecia pahangensis (left), Pyrophleps cruentata (right)).

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