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Genes & Cells

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female mouse embryo

DOUBLING UP A normal female mouse embryo (left) has only female reproductive tissue, called the Müllerian duct (pink). Removing a protein called COUP-TFII causes a female mouse embryo (right) to develop both the female duct and male tissue called the Wolffian duct (blue).

black-legged tick on the left, lone star tick on the right

TICK TIMES TWO It can be difficult to correctly diagnose tick-borne diseases in locales with both the black-legged tick (left), which spreads Lyme disease, and the lone star tick (right), which can transmit southern tick‒associated rash illness or STARI.

piglets lacking PERVs

THREE LITTLE PIGS  Researchers are working to create pigs that can donate organs for human transplant. These piglets are part of the first litter of pigs engineered to lack viruses called PERVs.

Genes & Cells

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