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Genes & Cells

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archaea microbe DNA

WOUND UP  Archaea microbes wrap their DNA (represented in yellow) around proteins called histones (purple) akin to the way plants and animals do. 

piglets lacking PERVs

THREE LITTLE PIGS  Researchers are working to create pigs that can donate organs for human transplant. These piglets are part of the first litter of pigs engineered to lack viruses called PERVs.

fertilized human eggs and embryos

IN GOOD REPAIR  CRISPR/Cas9 has corrected a gene defect in fertilized human eggs (left) without hampering embryo development. Eight-cell embryos (middle) and blastocyst-stage embryos — about five days old — (right) carrying the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editor appear normal.

Genes & Cells

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