Genes & Cells

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KISSING ANCIENT COUSINS  Interbreeding between Neandertals and early modern humans has left a genetic mark on non-Africans that may affect their health.

microscope image of plaques in a human artery

HAZARDOUS CLUMPS  The protein collagen (green) coats plaque (red) on the wall of a human artery. These small pockets of plaque are vulnerable to breaking away and possibly triggering a heart attack. 

HEY LOOK  The spherical bacteria Synechocystis (shown here in false color) can use their single-celled bodies almost like eyeballs. A light shining up from the bottom of this image passes through the cells and focuses on the far side (white arrows highlight examples of focused light). A laser light source in the center (red dot) helped test which way the cells move in reaction to bright spots of light. 

Genes & Cells

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