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History of Science

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London’s Bethlem Hospital illustration

INHERIT THE DATA  King George III’s descent into madness sparked efforts to untangle the inheritance of mental illness by analyzing patient records at insane asylums (London’s Bethlem Hospital is shown in this 1735 illustration). A new book discusses how big data and statistics long dominated the study of human heredity.

Yale medical school library brain samples

HORMONE HISTORY Neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing did pioneering work on the hormone-producing pituitary glands in the early 20th century, as described in a new book. Samples of the brains he studied are now displayed in the Yale medical school library.

Apollo 7 crew

THREE’S COMPANY  Twenty months after the deadly fire on Apollo 1, Apollo 7 and its crew (from left),  Donn F. Eisele, Walter M. Schirra, Jr. and Walter Cunningham, spent nearly 11 days in space, completing 163 orbits of Earth.

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