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Human Evolution

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horse leg bone and croc tooth

BIG BITE  Crocodiles in East Africa around 2.5 million years ago had teeth (one shown at right) capable of gouging chunks out of prey animals’ bones. A horse’s leg bone (left), also dating to 2.5 million years ago from East Africa, bears marks more like those of croc bites than butchery with stone tools, as previously suspected, a new study finds.  

Masai warriors

NOT TOO VIOLENT  Small-scale human societies, represented here by African Masai warriors, are neither more nor less violent than state societies, a new study concludes. As often happens in investigations of warfare, the report has sparked controversy.

BEE STICKY  Chemical analyses show that a barbed bone point from Germany dating to around 13,000 years ago, shown from two sides, contains remnants of a beeswax glue near its base, left. Either honeybees entered northern Europe earlier than thought, as glaciers retreated, or beeswax was traded over long distances, scientists say.

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