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Ancient Turkish ritual center

SKULL SITE  Excavations of this ancient ritual center (left) in Turkey dug up large stone pillars and stone carvings of animals, people and abstract symbols (right). New finds show that hunter-gatherers there altered skulls of the recently deceased in a previously unobserved way.

child looking at firearm

LOCKED AND LOADED  A new analysis provides the most comprehensive look at firearm injuries and deaths in U.S. kids. Continuing to study the numbers in even greater detail could lead to improved policies to prevent such injuries and deaths.

Baume Brune

ECHO ART  Ancient farmers in southeastern France created rock art in shelters where sounds echoed into the surrounding landscape, researchers say. Among this set of cliff cavities at a site called Baume Brune, only the middle one (with the smallest opening) contains ancient rock art. It also has special acoustic properties that produce loud echoes.

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