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alpha-synuclein protein in nerve cells

RED ALERT  This micrograph shows how the protein alpha-synuclein (red) builds up in nerve cells (blue) in brains affected by Parkinson’s disease. The immune system can react to parts of the protein, a new study finds.

Bdellovibrio bacteria

BACTERIAL COMBATANTS Bdellovibrio bacteria (yellow) attack larger bacteria (blue), using the prey’s remains to replicate. Bdellovibrio microbes are a kind of living antibiotic.


UNLEASHED  An antibody sold as the drug Keytruda helps turn on cancer-fighting T cells. Tumors (red) can use PD-1 proteins (yellow, orange) to lock onto T cells (white) and shut them down. The antibody blocks PD-1 proteins, freeing T cells to attack the cancer.

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