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crown-of-thorns starfish

An outbreak of crown-of-thorns starfish (one shown) can devastate a reef. But algae, a coral competitor, may protect coral from the predatory starfish, a new study finds.


CALLING CARD  Male túngara frogs like this one attract their mates with a series of chirpy croaks. When picking between two calls, females tend to prefer a lower tone and more quickly repeated calls, but adding in a third suitor with an unattractive song may change a female’s preference between the two other males.  

whitehead's broadbill and hermit thrush

MOUTHS TO FEED  Tropical birds like the Whitehead's broadbill (left) tend to raise fewer nestlings at a time than birds in temperate regions, like the hermit thrush (right). The reason may lie in how those babies grow, a new study suggests.

Life & Evolution

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