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CALLING CARD  Male túngara frogs like this one attract their mates with a series of chirpy croaks. When picking between two calls, females tend to prefer a lower tone and more quickly repeated calls, but adding in a third suitor with an unattractive song may change a female’s preference between the two other males.  

whitehead's broadbill and hermit thrush

MOUTHS TO FEED  Tropical birds like the Whitehead's broadbill (left) tend to raise fewer nestlings at a time than birds in temperate regions, like the hermit thrush (right). The reason may lie in how those babies grow, a new study suggests.

TWICE AS NICE  Mei Lun and Mei Huan (shown here at about two months old) are the only surviving panda twins born in the United States. These twins, born at Zoo Atlanta, recently celebrated their 2nd birthday.

Life & Evolution

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