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photograph of miniature crime scene by Frances Glessner Lee

CSI: SCIENCE  From fingerprints to blood splatters to DNA, people leave all sorts of traces at the scene of a crime. To help identify suspects, scientists are beefing up classic forensic techniques, and coming up with new ones. One day, microbes and odors from a suspect’s body may give investigators additional pieces of evidence to examine.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was paid to praise the morning sickness drug Diclegis but deleted her Instagram post after the FDA noted that the post didn’t mention key side effects. For products like e-cigarettes, which aren’t regulated by the FDA, there are few limits to advertising on social media.

vending machine

PAPER TRAIL  Modern vending machines use a combination of technologies, including magnets and special scanners, to tell real bills from fake ones. An early automat that accepted paper money made its debut 50 years ago at Swedish gas stations.

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