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Brazilian soccer players in 2014 World Cup

SURVIVING THE SEMIFINALS  Brazilian soccer players track the ball in a 2014 World Cup semifinal match against Germany. A new study offers strategies for the four semifinalists in a competition.

Erik Sorto controls a blender with a robotic arm

JUICED UP  With brain implants and his thoughts, quadriplegic Erik Sorto makes a robotic hand grasp a control to switch on a blender and make a smoothie. 


SEEING THE LIGHT  The brain’s window on the visual world is a multilayered tissue at the back of the eye called the retina. Light-detecting rods and cones sit at the very back of the tissue. They pass information to the brain via bipolar cells and ganglion cells. Humans and some animals have sharp vision thanks to the fovea, a window in the retina that offers direct access to the cones.

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