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CMS detector tracking energy

READY TO WORK  The CMS detector tracks the amount of energy (length of bars) deposited by different kinds of particles (color of bars) that were produced during a May 20 test of the Large Hadron Collider. Researchers collided protons at a record energy of 13 trillion electron volts. On June 3, the LHC began running continuously at this energy.

trail of covert forms of neurotoxin

TOXIC TRAIL  Researchers have discovered a trail of covert forms of tutin, a potent neurotoxin, that goes from tutu shrubs (far left) to passionvine hoppers (center left) to European honeybees (center right) to honey (far right). 

Sifting molecules

MOLECULAR PURSUITS  Quantum chemistry could launch a manufacturing revolution, helping to identify materials for improved solar cells, better batteries or more effective medicines.

Matter & Energy

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