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core theory

Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek advocates viewing the standard model of particle physics as consisting of two “kingdoms,” one comprising the basic particles of matter and the other consisting of the particles that transmit nature’s fundamental forces. With the addition of Einstein’s general relativity, which describes gravity, Wilczek refers to this extended version of the standard model as the Core Theory of physics. 

blood cell type enzyme

TYPE ALL  With engineering, a natural enzyme can better cut off some sugars that determine if a blood cell is type A, B or AB (as shown), resulting in a generic blood type that is safe for all people. 

human-made particle

AGAINST THE FLOW  In a new experiment, micrometer-sized particles sensed their direction and propelled themselves upstream. Each particle (one shown in this micrograph) was made of a plastic sphere engulfing a hematite cube (colored red). 

Matter & Energy

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