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Ancient wine jug

WINE TIME  A piece of a roughly 6,300-year-old jar found in Greece contains chemical evidence of fermented grapes, making it the oldest known example of wine making in Europe, and perhaps in the world.

two black holes merging

DUOS’ DANCE   Mergers of two pairs of black holes (illustrated) showcase ability of gravitational waves as a new tool for understanding the universe. LIGO detected gravitational waves from both mergers shown, but at different times and in different parts of the sky. 

two spiraling black holes

RIPPLE SIGHTING  The cosmic dance of two black holes warped spacetime as the pair spiraled inward and merged, creating gravitational waves (illustrated). LIGO detected these ripples, produced by black holes eight and 14 times the mass of the sun, on December 26, 2015. 

Matter & Energy

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