1. Physics

    Scaling energy barriers to save data

    Researchers demonstrate a promising new way to make semiconductor-based memory that doesn't erase when the power goes off.

  2. Physics

    Spectral atom rings in

    Electron waves can generate a phantom atom when a real atom is placed at the right spot inside an elliptical quantum corral, or loop of atoms, arranged on a surface.

  3. Physics

    Ultracold molecules form inside superatom

    The formation of molecules within an ultracold gas of atoms called a Bose-Einstein condensate could be a step toward fluids in which molecules share the same quantum state.

  4. Materials Science

    Vision Quest

    Increasing numbers of people with less-than-perfect vision can now wear contact lenses, thanks to innovations in lens design and materials.

  5. Physics

    Black hole recipe: Slow light, swirl atoms

    Whirling clouds of atoms may swallow light the way black holes do, possibly giving scientists a way to test the general theory of relativity in the lab, not just in outer space.

  6. Physics

    Sunlight Sponge? Energy trackers gauge water vapor’s wild dance

    Atmospheric water vapor takes in more solar radiation than has been indicated by measurements and models, but laser probes of highly agitated water molecules suggest that the vapor doesn't absorb enough radiation to explain the discrepancy fully.

  7. Materials Science

    New gel could lead to cartilage repair

    A new scaffold material that contains cartilage cells and encourages their growth could help scientists create living tissue replacements suitable for treating osteoarthritis and sports injuries.

  8. Materials Science

    Gems of War

    While international bodies grapple with regulatory schemes to stem the diamond trade that funds ongoing civil conflicts in African countries, scientists are attempting to develop methods for identifying gems from conflict zones.

  9. Physics

    Law and Disorder: Chance fluctuations can rule the nanorealm

    A tug-of-war in a water droplet demonstrates that random fluctuations wield more than enough muscle to give nanoscale machines trouble.

  10. Physics

    Heavy Suspicion: Elemental discoveries trace to fake data

    A prominent physicist has lost his job following allegations that he fabricated the evidence underpinning his team's now-discredited discovery of elements 116 and 118.

  11. Physics

    Paper planes get laser liftoff

    Powering aircraft by remote lasers works—at least on paper.

  12. Physics

    Sandcastle Physics